A new projector innovation is set to come to market later in the year after its crowdfunding target was reached with 22 days to go.

Immersis is described by its creators as the "ultimate virtual reality experience for immersive gaming and video, sharable with others and adaptable to your living space" and it is expected to be ready for sale in October.

Backers quickly reached the $100,000 (£66,600) target to get the project up and running, with Nvidia among the companies to have supported the idea, with the firm saying: "We definitively feel that Immersis technology is very promising and would like to make sure we provide the means to help Immersis succeed."

Virtual reality headsets are becoming more common, but Immersis instead uses projectors to create a virtual reality experience for gaming and watching videos.

The technology used in the project is based on a real-time adaptation of the image to the shape and size of a room, while its advanced optical system contributed to an all-round package which its creators say will revolutionise the industry.

Immersis has the ability to project any kind of content at 180°, with photographs, videos or video games all able to be shown via the technology.

The company behind the innovation said: "If the content is two-dimensional, the projection is flat. If your content is panoramic, 180°, video games or 3D applications, the projection will be at 180°."

There is also the possibility for Immersis to be teamed up with 3D films and games in the future.