Projector helps students get to grips with cookery skills
A new education projector installation is helping students get to grips with cookery skills at the Rossall School in Lancashire.

The new facility opened at the school in early November and is designed to teach practical cookery skills. However, students will also use the space to gain a better understanding of the provenance and nutritional value of food, as well as its natural availability depending on the seasons.

In addition to the excellent equipment, the kitchen is equipped with a digital projector. This extra installation has transformed the potential of the space and will enable the kitchen to be used as a 'cookery theatre'.

This has been achieved by placing a camera above the demonstration area which is then connected up to the projector enabling larger audiences to see what work is being done in greater detail. It is hoped that the space will be used to host cookery courses and demonstration events in the area as well as catering to the immediate needs of the school's pupils.

Elaine Purves, headteacher at Rossal, spoke to the Blackpool Gazette: “The Rossall Kitchen is a fantastic new learning space and will have a positive impact on the students’ abilities as cooks as well as helping to expand their knowledge of food provenance and nutrition.

“We also aim to use the space to host cookery events for staff, parents and the wider community and hope to attract some interesting and exciting partners to work with us on this venture.”

The kitchen was opened by the chairman of Booths Supermarkets, while the school's choir welcomed guests. Local food businesses also joined the event to celebrate the launch of the new venue, which, thanks to its projector, will be able to cater to the community's requirements for a cookery venue, above and beyond its use as an education platform.

(Image: Dulcinea.navarrete)