SMART has announced its first interactive projector designed for use in classrooms.

The LightRaise 40wi interactive projector is pen-enabled and ultra-short throw. But perhaps one of its most useful features is the fact that it will work on almost any surface, turning spaces in the classroom into screens of up to 100 inches in widescreen format.

Meanwhile, its USB and VGA cable connectivity options, and the easy-to-install wall mount should be simple enough for teachers to make use of the gadget.

Linda Thomas, vice-president of products at SMART Technologies, commented: “As schools continue to face budgetary restraints, administrators are looking for new and affordable ways to integrate interactive technology products into the classroom.

“With the LightRaise 40wi interactive projector and SMART Notebook software, educators can implement technology products in the classrooms and can benefit from a vast collection of interactive digital content and SMART customer support."

The device ships with the software, which will provide teachers and students with a quick and easy way to start using the projector straight away. The programs should also work well with the interactive pen, allowing users to write over applications and digital content, again opening up the possibilities of engagement and learning in the classroom.