A projector company has announced the launch of its new interactive whiteboard system, which features a high definition-ready projector.

The fifth-generation SMART Board includes the ultra-short-throw standard SMART UF75 projector or the widescreen UF75w projector. Users opting to install the UF75 model in their classroom will benefit from a projector that is capable of delivering 3D and high-definition images.

Mounting the system to the wall above the interactive whiteboard provides a throw distance of just under 60cm, which means the projector can deliver a high picture quality, with fewer shadows and less glare.

Linda Thomas, vice-president of products at SMART, commented: “The fifth-generation interactive whiteboard system extends our comprehensive product line to provide a solution that offers educators even more choices to enhance interactivity in the classroom and effectively engage and motivate learners.”

The projector also offers an economy mode to extend lamp life. In standard mode, the lamp will last for up to 2,500 hours but the economy function will extend this to up to 4,000 hours. Meanwhile, energy-conscious customers might be interested to learn that the system meets the Energy-using Products Directive, consuming less than one watt of power in standby mode.