A customised home cinema complete with high-end projector equipment is still a home feature than many people can only aspire to, but for media mogul Simon Cowell, it’s not just an automatic feature of his home – it comes as standard in his ‘moving mansion’ of a trailer.

Details have emerged about the X Factor svengali’s palatial trailer that is his home-from-home when he is travelling across the US during the early rounds of the X Factor auditions.

Among the many luxury items built into the $2 million, 30-ton trailer is a 100-inch top-of-the-range projector screen and the necessary electrical equipment to turn the living quarters into a home cinema.

The 1,200-foot vehicle is said to cost around $9,000 just to maintain every week, and also features a a fully-equipped kitchen with Italian cherrywood cabinets. The projector set-up is not the only AV equipment that has been built into the massive bus, with a satellite hookup on the roof that sends movies to a 50-inch plasma TV or 37-inch TVs dotted around the living quarters.

The 22-wheeled monster also has an office in it that can fit 30 people, as well as $150,000 worth of medical equipment.