Developers at the University of Tokyo are currently working on new projector technology that will provide new interactive presentation opportunities through the use of visible light.

The visible-light communication projector developed by the university’s innovative Naemura Group makes each pixel in its projected images flash at high speed, allowing for information to be added to a projected image. The flashing at such a high speed – some 10,000 times per second – the display appears normal to the human eye.

At a recent display of the new technology, one of the developers showed that if a light-receiving device is placed near the picture it can read information from the flashing patterns of each pixel.

The demonstration showed that, by enabling the interaction between the light-receiving device and the display, an interactive, LCD touchpanel can be created on a flat surface while, at the same time, a picture can be created in the air.

“Regarding projection, currently, big-screen displays with a touchpanel are common, but naturally, there are limits on the display size,” one of the developers stated. “You can’t make the display larger or smaller to meet particular needs. But with our system, no matter where the projector is, you can interact with the picture, whatever the size.”