Hitachi has launched a new Projector Quick Connection iPad app that allows users to monitor and control multiple projectors from one iPad.

The app provides versatility and ease of function for projector operators to monitor and control projects remotely from easy-to-use controls on their iPads.

It offers users four base pages from which to operate the projectors: Projector, Contents, Control and Settings. From the Projector page, the user can see every Hitachi projector that is connected to the app via a USB wireless adaptor, listing each one’s IP address with an easily identifiable icon, which can be activated with a simple touch.

The Contents page gives a listing of all the material from the iPad that can be sent for display on each Hitachi projector including documents, images and videos. The Control page provides all the functions that a projector remote control would, allowing the user to carry out actions including switching the projectors on and off, adjusting the frames and freezing the slides.

The Settings page lets users control the more advanced functions of the projector, including activating the presenter mode, which prevents the projector from interacting with another iPad. The page also provides access to the display mode, either sending a full image to the projector or displaying in 4 iPad mode, allowing input from four projectors to be included on one screen.