The benefits of a projector over a television have been extolled by one technology fan, who believes that they beat televisions hands down.

Writing for CNET, Geoffrey Morrison explained that he hasn't bought a television for over a decade, preferring instead to use a projector and a 103-inch screen to satisfy his viewing tastes.

Films in particular work well in this forma,t providing an image that fills your entire field of view, which is “the very definition of absorbing”.

In addition to the picture quality and size, which is thought to be less of a strain on the eyes than a television, there is the fact that your own house can effectively become your cinema with everything you might want is directly to hand.

Space is also an area in which projectors tend to come out on top. Anybody looking to have a large television will be faced with the problem of fitting it into their property. There is the option of mounting it on the wall, but the devices tend to be heavy and a lot of people are not particularly keen on doing so as a result. Projectors, meanwhile, are simple to install on a ceiling mount and the screen that is mounted on the wall weighs very little.