An after-school programme in the US has acquired a new projector system for use in its classrooms as a means of helping children to learn.

The Salvation Army Learning Center in Saratoga Springs has installed a range of new learning equipment to benefit the young people that rely on its services.

Covered by a grant from Target, the establishment purchases a number of new computers, printers, a Wii gaming system, new furniture and, of course, a projector.

The classroom, which offers a free after-school provision, aims to help with homework and provide a character education to young people and a place in which they can find some alternative recreation in the evenings.

Karen Bartgis, the director of the programme, told the Saratogian paper: “Any child out there could use a little homework help without any financial stress presented.”

She added that the tutors are particularly good at helping students improve their grades in maths, with help from the projector and other classroom equipment. “The tutors interact with the children by explaining questions in alternative and repetitive ways that will help the child grasp a better understanding,” noted Ms Bartgis.