There have been rumours of late that Apple is becoming increasingly interested in the projector market. Indeed, the technology giant has filed a patent for a projector system that would allow multiple devices to interact through projected screens.

However, these systems are still some way off. For now, people with smaller devices, such as the iPhone, might be interested to learn of the MiLi Power Pico Projector.

The device connects to a iOS gadget and throws images onto a wall, creating pictures of up to 70 inches in size. This can be done by turning the pico projector into a stand for the iPhone and the projector itself, making it easy to set up a system to show content while on the move.

For power, the device runs off the iPhone, but if it is plugged into the mains it will also charge the phone.

While there are cheaper systems out there, the MiLi pico projector is a handy way of showing off content on your Apple gadget, but those with other brands of phone or tablet might want to look into the alternatives as, despite having the connections required for other systems, the MiLi is very much designed with the iOS in mind.