A digital artist who projects his work onto buildings is the only UK artist to have made it to the finals of the Digital Graffiti festival in Florida.

Shropshire-based Andy McKeown uses a projector to display his works. Previously he won a competition to create a new piece for Blackpool Illuminations. He has also created a projected light show for the Shropshire Olympian in June and has projected art onto the Flaxmill in Shewsbury in the past. The projector artist describes his work as “painting with light”.

For the Digital Graffiti Festival, McKeown’s piece entitled Kaleidoscopia has been chosen. He is asking people to download a Kaleidoscopia software toolkit from his website and load pictures of themselves into it. The pictures will be turned into kaleidoscopic images for the show and projected.

The festival will be held in Florida’s Alys Beach and takes place on 8 June. Unfortunately, McKeown is unable to attend the festival in person due to commitments in the UK.

Kelli Arnold, the town's events co-ordinator, said, “For one evening Alys Beach opens its doors, courtyards and pedestrian paths to innovative companies and ground-breaking artists who fuse these three components to literally transform our entire town into a living work of art."