A new application designed to work with projectors has been launched by NEC Interactive Software.

The application is designed to simplify the process for educators and provide additional opportunities for interaction in corporate and classroom environments.

Keith Yanke, director of product marketing at NEC, noted that the software is specifically designed to capitalise on the growing popularity of iPads and integrate them for use in teaching.

He remarked: “The dynamic nature and interoperability of NEC's Interactive Software with NEC projectors and iPads are facilitating new forms of teaching and learning - in the classroom and in corporate environments.

“The NEC solution is a cleaner, more reasonable approach to making the most of the tablet phenomenon than purchasing a lot of new hardware.”

By using the software, people can benefit from complete control of a PC or Mac via an iPad, which is in turn linked to a projector. With a touch-screen and stylus, the possibilities presented here are significantly greater than they would be for a teacher tied down to a desk and a single large computer.

As any changes made no the iPad can then be displayed on the projected screen, the software also allows for greater flexibility in the workplace, helping the teacher to move around and discuss things with pupils rather than remaining tied to a white board.