Projectiondesign of Norway will focus on the post-production market at IBC 2010, targeting both content creation and post-production users.

The company will launch its Cineo35 2.5k, a compact projector which displays images at up to 2560 x 1600 native resolution.

Anders Løkke from Projectiondesign, explained: “With uncompressed and unaltered display of 2K data and beyond, the Cineo35 2.5k gives the fine detail view that 1080p projectors are unable to provide without cropping or scaling the image."

He went on to add that the extra resolution available allows the projector to show full 2K in a window and still have space for editing tools on the same screen. The company believes that this is an ideal projector for small to medium-sized rooms where colour accuracy and performance are critical.

The projector comes with a range of high quality lenses and IO options and can be calibrated to display any colour space. It will be available, according to the company, in a traditional lamp-based and an LED-based version.

Projectiondesign will also unveil its new Cineo35 3D which has 3G SDI and HDMI/Dual Link DVI inputs, full HD resolution and which can show full active stereoscopic content at up to 330 MHz pixel rates.