A range of projectiondesign projectors are being used in the newly-opened In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres, Belgium, to vividly depict images and multimedia displays detailing the impact of the First World War in the region.

Specialist museums system integrator, Ocular BVBA, devised a system that makes use of projectiondesign’s F22, F32 and F35 wqxga projectors. The coordinator of the museum, Piet Chielens, said that the museum is focused on telling the stories of individuals within the larger picture of the Great War and the projector equipment serves to really bring them to life.

“To really embrace the whole public with the impact of landscape then I think the best way of doing it is with projection,” he said. “That is what we’ve done here. People are really thrilled with the experience and that is largely due to the techniques we’ve chosen to present it.”

The museum has been built in the restored Medieval cloth-hall building on the main square in Ypres. At the entrance to the exhibit, two F32 projectors are used to project footage onto a curved structure that looks like a forest of wood panels. In another section an F35 WQXGA projector is used to project a 3D scale model map of the battlefields from the North Sea to the front line.