projectiondesign has unveiled the latest addition to its projector range, calling the F35 the world’s first panoramic DLP projector.

The model has been designed specifically for use in meeting rooms and other collaborative spaces, where users need to share a range of graphical image content.

The projector provides the exceptionally wide aspect ratio of 21:9 or 2.37:1, which in an environment with an average ceiling height, allows for the creation of images of up to four metres wide with just one projector.

projectiondesign’s marketing director, Anders Løkke, said that they had produced the projector in order to satisfy the growing importance of “cross-platform collaboration and discussion” in business.

“We have extensive experience of blending, colour-matching and managing two or more projectors working together, but nevertheless we also now see a need for a super-wide projector that can do the job of two edge-blended devices,” he said. “Thousands of meeting rooms use two channels of SXGA+ or other 4:3 projectors blended together. This essentially replaces all that with a single projector.”

The F35 boasts a resolution of 2.7 megapixels – 35 per cent more than Full HD – and brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens.

Løkke added, “Compared with a two-projector solution, the F35 panorama promises shorter setup time, lower maintenance requirements, less down-time and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).”