An innovative ‘projection dome’ is being toured around schools in the East Midlands to give young people a virtual experience of visiting art galleries and help them to think about art in different ways.

The Hemispheric Projection Dome uses a 360° projector to transform the space into a variety of different virtual environments, and is the product of work carried out by researchers at Nottingham Trent University.

The dome’s 3D experience was premiered at the launch of the Backlit Gallery in Sneinton, and allowed the young people involved to don 3D glasses and take a 3D virtual tour of other galleries, with the ability to move around and zoom in on particular areas and pieces of art.

The leading research technician on the project, Nottingham Trent’s Tim Chesney, said that the use of the technology allowed young people who had perhaps never visited a gallery to have the chance to ‘visit’ a virtual one.

He explained, “Through the use of state of the art technology they are engaged in exploring what it feels like to make art work, curate and have their very own exhibition in the Dome all in one workshop, and the new 3D mode will add to this experience.”