ViewSonic has added a professional projector to its range, designed to cater for people looking to deliver presentations in larger rooms such as boardrooms, lecture theatres and public arenas.

The Pro9500 professional projector comes with a very high brightness level, but it also allows for stacking, which enables the user to use dual projectors to boost image intensity and deliver pictures of up to 10,000 AINSI lumens.

To deliver the pictures at this level while maintaining quality, the device uses 3LCD projection technology to display vivid colours with a contrast ratio of 3,500:1 and a 1024x768 XGA native resolution.

For those interested in doubling up the devices to deliver the extra brightness, the Lens Shift technology will allow them to project a single image at the same time,while Perfect Fit double projection systems are an alternative to deliver images in broad and bright briefing spaces.

Meanwhile, there is the option of using the intelligent network control through regional networks or internet. This means that the device can be linked to a computer along with several other projectors to create a network displaying the same information and images at the same time.

Alternatively, there is a USB interface, HDMI connectors and some further flexibility through the flexible mounting options.