New company Prijector has officially announced the launch of their new projector, the first wireless presentation device for use in conference rooms.

The specially designed projection device has been created in an attempt to reinvent classic conference projectors. With a particularly emphasis on wireless capabilities, the device aims to tackle the common problems people face when setting up projectors for conference use.

The Prijector is designed to connect directly with a television or a standard projector and enables direct wireless presentation from any laptop or mobile device. It also benefits from flexible connectivity through HDMI or VGA, as well as online video playback technology.

Compatible with any operating system, the new projector device is the first of its kind with the capability to act as a guest wireless hotspot, allowing users to safely access the internet without the use of a password.

Sunil Coushik, CEO and founder of Prijector, has highlighted that there is a large demand for a simple and inexpensive solution to the common conference issue of wireless connectivity.

He said: "Our vision is to transform the way business people set up their presentations in every conference room around the world."

The Prijector is available for pre-order for a limited time for $119 in the US only.