Epson has taken the covers off its new PowerLite X15 projector, which is tailored to fulfil the needs of budget-conscious schools and small businesses.

The 3,000 lumen projector has been launched as a replacement for the brand’s PowerLite 92 projector, delivering an advanced set of features, including HDMI digital connectivity, USB Plug 'n Play for instantly projecting video and audio from a computer and XGA resolution.

Heather Litus Johnston, Epson’s product manager for the company’s school-aimed ranges, said that the projector offered remarkable quality at an affordable price.

“The PowerLite X15 delivers a huge bang for the buck,” she explained. “Designed with education in mind, the PowerLite X15 offers brightness, connectivity, reliability, and ease-of-use at a very affordable price - making it easy to enhance any classroom with high quality imaging.”

The projector has been made with an intuitive horizontal keystone adjustment slide control bar. This will allow teachers to place the projector off-centre from the projector screen and easily make the necessary horizontal image adjustments with the touch of a finger.

The X15’s Instant On and Instant Off® allows for it to be up an running within five seconds, while the 1.2x optical zoom provides flexibility to suit the space without sacrificing image quality.