A new portable projector has been unveiled by BenQ with a built-in dock to allow users to stream content from iPhones and iPods.

The Joybee GP3 portable projector also offers the capacity to wirelessly stream content from other devices through a DNLA connection.

The new model comes with improved brightness and better contrast, as well as the ability to project images up to 160 inches on the diagonal.

Palm-sized, the Joybee GP3 is the successor of the GP2 and features a 2-watt built in speaker and improved brightness. The internal battery will last for 2.5 hours and the projector has 2GB of storage inside. It is thought that the storage capacity will be enough for a photo-album but not more than one film.

As well as a iPhone dock, which is available through the older 30-pin connection, the projector offers several other ways to connect media to the device such as wirelessly streaming content from another mobile device or PC. Users can also plug in a flash drive and microSD card.

No pricing details have been disclosed yet but the Joybee GP3 is expected to ship later this month.