FAVI Entertainment has launched a new portable mini projector, designed to display images and video files on the go.

The RioHd-LED-4, weighs less than a pound and its size makes it ideal for business travel and home entertainment, according to the manufacturers.

The gadget, which works particularly well when paired with Apple devices, offers a number of connectivity options, including Apple Airplay which allows wireless projection from an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4s. However, there is also the option to use a standard HDMI port to boost compatibility with laptops and other devices.

In terms of image quality, the RioHD-LED-4 is capable of playing back 1080p clear video and will work well when delivering presentations to clients or as a home entertainment projector.

Jeremy Yakel, president of the FAVI, commented: “Ideal for both businesses and home theatres, our new RioHD-LED-4 boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor such as support for HDMI and iOS devices.

“The unit's LED lamp promises a quick start-up and lamp life of 30,000 hours. Furthermore, the RioHD-LED-4 is included in our new FAVI Projector Package for Apple AirPlay which enables users to wirelessly project images and videos from iPads and iPhones.”