A pocket projector has been launched by 3M, allowing users a great level of portability.

The MP180 projector clocks in at 338g and 1.3x5.9x2.5inches. While this is a little on the large side for something that is classed as ‘pocket-sized’, it is certainly comfortable to carry in a briefcase or bag.

Furthermore, the extra dimensions allow the projector to pack in some additional features not always found on smaller gadgets. These include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, 4GB of inbuilt memory, an inbuilt browser and two hours of battery life.

The machine is also fairly bright for its size at 32 AINSI lumens. Its resolution is a native 800x600 and, according to a projector review from ZDNet, this can be scaled to allow it to support VGA, SVGA, XGA and WXGA. However, there is no inbuilt HDMI compatibility.

It's one downside, unfortunately, is the touchscreen. The ZDNet projector review explained, “The use of a resistive screen means that you'll find yourself stabbing at buttons multiple times, especially the onscreen keyboard.

“While fighting the web browser, we often found it easier to flick the projector sideways to engage the keyboard that way it's quite far from an optimal solution, and it's a great pity that 3M couldn't incorporate a more finger-friendly capacitive screen into the MP180's hardware.”