Pico projectors have been included in all kinds of devices in recent years as technology makes it easier than ever to project films and TV shows - but never before on a pizza box.

Pizza Hut has launched a new projector pizza box in Hong Kong and it has been so popular that the innovation could soon be rolled out all over the world.

The projector is placed in the centre of the pizza, protected by a plastic ring. The pizza box has a hole ready to be punched for the projector, while the box also has a stand for a smartphone.

Users need a clean white wall to project films on to if they want to take advantage of the projector pizza box, with Pizza Hut releasing a range of specially designed boxes to launch the new invention.

Pizza fans can choose between Slice Night, Fully Loaded, Hot and Ready and Anchovy Armageddon for their projector pizza box.

The move comes after Pizza Hut unveiled a tie up that allowed it to offer movies as part of its offers. The idea is that customers will buy a film along with their pizzas and then project it at home for a cinema experience.

Users will also be able to project via the pizza box to Netflix and YouTube, making the projector pizza box a very versatile new home entertainment option.