Pioneer Corporation has agreed with MicroVision Inc, USA, to jointly develop, manufacture and distribute projector modules, focusing on the RGB semiconductor laser light source module.

A module product is used in video and image projectors and comprises a light source, lenses, mirror and other control components.

Pioneer, a leading global maker of consumer and corporate electronics products, has significant experience of modularisation technologies for laser light sources through its work on DVD and BD drives over the years.

It will focus its expertise on the RGB semiconductor laser light source in order to develop energy-efficient, economical and miniaturised light source modules for Head-Up Display (HUD) use.

It is possible to create miniaturised light source modules with increased energy performance compared with conventional laser light sources by using the semi-conductor laser for green, blue and red lasers.

Pioneer plans to utilise MicroVision Inc’s advanced technical know-how in projector engines using laser technology in order to develop a commercially viable projector module. The company is hoping to launch a commercial in-vehicle HUD employing a projector module using laser technology onto the consumer market in 2012.