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  1. Tiny projector designed for in-car use

    A new projector designed to be used by drivers while they are behind the wheel is to be released on to the market.

    San Francisco-based technology company Navdy has put together a small projector that will produce a heads-up display for drivers while they are on the road.

    The innovation builds on the screens that are now present as part of the dashboard in a lot of new cars, but it could prove controversial due to laws surrounding distractions for drivers.

    Navdy chief executive

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  2. Projector market expands quickly in Q2

    The worldwide projector market continued to expand quickly over the course of the second quarter of the year, according to new data.

    PMA Research found that volume rose to 2.2 million between April and June this year, with sales of mainstream and high-end projectors, as well as pico and personal projectors, all registering double-digit year/year growth.

    Mainstream projectors saw sales rise by 13 per cent over last year's second quarter, with widescreen models continuing to grow

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  3. Global projector market expands in Q2

    A new report has highlighted the growth of the projector industry in the second quarter of 2014.

    According to the latest quarterly research from Futuresource Consulting, global projector shipments were up by 17 per cent in volume year-on-year between April and June.

    In value terms, the market was revealed to have expanded by nine per cent to hit $2.4 billion (£1.4 billion), with the football World Cup cited as one of the top reasons for the strong growth.

    Claire Kerrison,

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  4. TouchPico launches crowdfunding campaign

    A crowdfunding campaign is underway for a small handheld projector that the innovators claim can turn any surface into an 80-inch screen.

    TouchPico is described as an interactive Android PC that has a projected touch interface and wireless streaming. A crowdfunding target of $55,000 (£32,427) has been set for the product and with 29 days still to go until the end of the fundraising period, the makers have received pledges worth 95 per cent of their total goal.

    The manufacturers

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  5. Global pico projector market forecast to grow

    New research has indicated that the global pico projector market will continue to expand quickly in the coming years.

    According to the Global Pico Projector Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2019 report from Research and Markets, the industry is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 41 per cent during 2014-19.

    This is partly down to the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions, which the organisation stated are expected to significantly contribute to this growth in the near

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  6. Ostendo develops 3D hologram projector chip

    Ostendo Technologies Inc has confirmed that it is in the process of developing a 3D hologram chip, which will transform smartphones into holographic projectors.

    As part of the firm's smartphone projector development process, Ostendo has initially developed a pico projector, which is a similar size to common smartphone cameras and due to be released by the summer of 2015.

    The next step for the firm is to develop a practical holographic projector that can be integrated into a

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  7. Pico projector powered by display bridge solution

    A display bridge solution has been integrated into the new Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 to allow for the embedding of a pico projector.

    QuickLogic's ArcticLink III BX6 display bridge solution provides a display bridging functionality that allows people to make use of the phone's embedded pico projector. Specifically, the solution allows the single display interface signal linked to the phone’s applications processor to be both duplicated and bridged.

    This means that it

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  8. AAXA Technologies launches new pocket projector

    US-based micro projection technology specialist, AAXA Technologies, has announced the release of the AAXA P3X Pico Projector, a 70 lumen mini projector promising brilliant image quality and easy media sharing.

    Constructed around the firm's third generation DLP optical engine, the new device comprises optics powered by 15,000 hour light-emitting diodes. It is capable of providing a powerful 80 inch image at a WVGA 854x480 native resolution.

    The projector improves upon former

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  9. Samsung set to launch new version of Galaxy Beam projector phone

    Samsung is planning to release a new version of its Galaxy Beam projector phone, after images purported to be of the new handset emerged over the weekend.

    According to China-based telecommunications certification group Tenaa, the new version, called SM-G3858, will feature a projector built into the back of the handset, with the lens sitting on the top of the phone.

    The device also comprises an additional button on the side, which could be used to activate the pico projector, as

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  10. New chipset could see 720p Pico projectors inserted into mobiles

    A new chipset has been produced by Texas Instruments that will enable mobile phone manufacturers to integrate 720p Pico projectors into their new mobile devices.

    Marking a major step-up from the last mode, the 0.3″ HD TRP DLP® Pico Chipset boasts 100 per cent brightness while making use of 50 per cent less battery.

    The chipset also uses IntelliBright algorithms, meaning that it is capable of raising or lowering brightness levels and using less power, in response to either

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