Small yet beautifully formed Pico projectors are set for a huge increase in shipments in the coming years, according to analysts.

iSuppli says that over the next four years, pico projectors, which are the ultimate portable projectors that you can take anywhere, will hit commercial markets in a big way.

The analysts claim shipment volumes will reach three million units by 2013, which is an astonishing rise in popularity from the 50,000 units shipped last year.

As many as 30 different manufacturers are expected to release their own versions of the tiny projectors to the market soon. The likely suspects include BenQ, LightSpeed, Mitsubishi, Optoma, InFocus and Sharp, according to TI.

One of the more inspiring designs released recently is the pico unveiled by Light Blue Optics which turns a flat surface into a touchscreen. This is a technique that is likely to be repeated elsewhere, with more and more elements being over the coming years.

iSuppli explained the attraction of pico projectors: “Pico projectors are likely to find initial acceptance in the corporate market, allowing businesspeople to make presentations directly from their mobile PCs, smartphones or PDAs. However, they also have a strong allure to consumers, allowing large-sized display of video, internet sites and applications.”