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  1. Pico vs portable: Which one to choose?

    Pico vs portable: Which one to choose?
    For some people, portability just isn't a factor when buying a projector. But for those that require
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  2. Pico vs. portable: Which is the right projector for you?

    Pico vs. portable: Which is the right projector for you?
    For some people, portability just isn't a factor when buying
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  3. Philips reveals a new use for pico projectors

    Philips reveals a new use for pico projectors
    Philips has revealed an innovative use for pico projectors at this year's IFA trade show in Berlin.
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  4. What to look out for in a projector for business

    Portability, image quality and connectivity are the three most important questions to ask before purchasing a projector for your business, according to Consumer Electronics.

    The leading consumer electronics website published a list of key factors to consider before making a purchase - a useful guide for those wanting to invest in a projector that is perfect for their business needs.

    For businesses, data projectors are recommended above home entertainment projectors. Whereas home cinema projectors handle full motion video well, data projectors excel at displaying data images like

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  5. Sony sets release date for pocket-sized projector

    Sony has announced an October release date for its new pocket-sized laser projector.

    Sony's MPCL1 projector boasts some impressive traits, including a high-resolution of 1920 x 720 - considerably higher than the average 800 x 480 of most pocket projectors.

    But the most remarkable feature is the MPCL1's ability to automatically focus itself regardless of the type of surface. This means that the projector is not reliant on a flat surface to give exceptional image quality.

    The focus technology also means users only have to move this projector closer or farther

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  6. Lenovo launches projector smartphone

    Lenovo has revealed its latest innovation, a smartphone with an in-built pico projector.

    No UK release date has yet been announced for the Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone, but the device is arguably the most exciting new entry into the projector phone subsector.

    Instead of merely being able to project movies and TV shows on to a wall, instead the Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone can beam either a touchscreen or virtual keyboard on to any surface.

    This means that it could enable people to work on their smartphones by using the projector as a virtual keyboard, while it will also

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  7. Pizza Hut launches projector pizza box

    Pico projectors have been included in all kinds of devices in recent years as technology makes it easier than ever to project films and TV shows - but never before on a pizza box.

    Pizza Hut has launched a new projector pizza box in Hong Kong and it has been so popular that the innovation could soon be rolled out all over the world.

    The projector is placed in the centre of the pizza, protected by a plastic ring. The pizza box has a hole ready to be punched for the projector, while the box also has a stand for a smartphone.

    Users need a clean white wall to project films on

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  8. Pico projector market forecast to grow in Europe

    The pico projector market in Europe is expected to continue to grow steadily in the coming years, according to newly published research.

    A study by Research and Markets suggested that the expanding industry was valued $342.8 million (£218.7 million) in 2014.

    The pico projector market was forecast to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 37 per cent between 2014 and 2019.

    Pico projectors allow users to display images and videos off a portable device onto walls or other surfaces. They are typically very light and miniature in size, making them portable.

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  9. Pico projector market forecast to continue growth

    The recent strong levels of growth in the pico projector market have been forecast to continue in the coming months in North America.

    According to new data collected by MicroMarket Monitor, the pico projector market was valued at $370.1 million (£249 million) in 2014 and this figure will rise to $1.75 billion by 2019.

    This would be a compound annual growth rate of 36.4 per cent during the forecast period, indicating that pico projector sales are likely to keep rising in the near future.

    The report by MicroMarket Monitor explained that pico projectors are becoming more

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  10. Sophisticated device integration to boost pico projector market

    The pico projector market is set to be boosted by increasingly sophisticated device integration in the next few years.

    According to the new Global Pico Projector Market Report, one area set to see growth in the near future is mobile handsets that are integrated with pico projectors.

    It was noted in the study that the inclusion of pico projectors in mobile phones shows "a promise of emerging as the application with the highest potential".

    The main advantage of pico projectors is their size and this is helping to fuel the rise of this portable technology.


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