A new pico projector device has been developed to allow people to transform their smartphone into a projection device.

The LightPad G1 works like a docking station for your smartphone and transfers the image on its screen onto a larger projected screen from which it is easier to work and view files.

By ensuring the projection device is energy efficient, the G1 provides a suitable option for expanding the use of the smartphone while on the move. In fact, its battery can provide power for the projector for up to five hours, while the next generation model will increase this to seven hours and also boost brightness and cut the weight of the device.

Mounting the gadget onto a QWERTY keyboard increases its usability by making it easier to type out long emails and documents out of the office should become that bit easier.

We reckon this will be the main use for the device seeing as its resolution isn't up to much. In terms of picture quality, the projector's resolution reaches a maximum of 854x480 pixels, while its follow up G2 will provide a maximum of 1280x720 pixels.