Pico projectors are expected to grow in popularity even more as the technology develops, according to a recent report.

Compiled by Global Industry Analysts, the paper Pico Projectors: A Global Strategic Business Report predicted that the market will grow substantially. In 2008 there were just ten models and sales were limited to several thousand. But by 2017, sales are expected to reach more than 97.5 million units.

The growth appears to be driven by advancements in technology as it becomes possible to build projectors with good picture quality that are still very small. Furthermore, the devices are starting to be integrated into mobile phone handsets as well as digital cameras, camcorders, photo frames and laptops.

Mobile phones in particular are predicted to deliver a strong level of growth for the pico projector market, with the technologies expected to “feed on each other's success”.

Meanwhile, the education market is also showing some interest in pico projectors due to the fact that they are cheaper than normal projectors. The space reduction factor is also playing a role, as is the simplified operation and flexibility of the smaller devices.

At the moment, the market remains in a high growth stage and consumers can expect to benefit from new innovations and the entry of several new companies into the arena each year.