The total worldwide sales of pico projectors in 2010 are expected to be double those of 2009, industry figures have said.

Bill Coggshall, of analysis firm Pacific Media Associates, said the market has already seen significant growth in 2010 due to developments in chip technology and brightness capabilities. The final sales figures for 2010 are expected to be around 750,000 units.

"Wide VGA (480p) DLP imager chips and color-sequential LCOS imager chips have led to big improvements in image resolution and quality," he said. "Brightness has risen considerably, reaching as high as 50 lumens in some models."

The advances in the tiny technology has led to projectors increasingly being incorporated in smartphones, digital still cameras, and camcorders from an increasing number of household-name brands.

The numbers were taken from the firm's annual survey of the global pico projector market, which they have been conducting for the last three years. It examines the responses to the features and functionality of pico projectors as well as the potential customer base.

Coggshall explained, "In 2009, the survey respondents said that the mean size (volume) of a companion model would decline substantially by 2013 to 88cc – the size of iPhones in late 2009. They also expected mean light efficiency to exceed 10 lumens per watt – an important industry milestone – by 2013."