The developers of the DLP technology that is used in many of the top projector brands have unveiled brand new chipsets that are optimised for pico projectors.

Texas Instruments DLP unveiled the new technology at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona this week. The chipsets are specifically optimised to enhance the tiny projectors that are increasingly being integrated into mobile phones, cameras and camcorders.

The company said that they are designed to enhance image brightness while not increasing the power consumption for both WVGA (native DVD resolution) and VGA devices.

Frank Moizio, the manager of DLP's pico projection division, said, "With business and consumer mobile phone users increasingly accessing the Internet via smartphones and sharing growing amounts of multimedia content with colleagues and friends, pico projectors embedded into mobile devices are the perfect way to elevate those experiences."

He added that the new chipsets would make the devices more compelling, engaging, and hassle free.

The technology is already being adopted in the industry, with a new Android-powered smartphone already in the pipeline featuring a fully-integrated DLP pico projector. The projector is able to throw images up to 50-inches in size onto any surface in optimum lighting conditions.