The possibilities for smartphones are increased when a new device containing a pico projector is factored in.

At the moment, manufacturers face the dilemma between making a smartphone that is big enough to view content on, and a handset that is still a comfortable size in the user's pocket.

However, the LightPad from QP Optoelectronics could change. The gadget is a hybrid of a laptop, a tablet and a projector that folds up into a portable 'folio'. It boasts a keyboard, an 11-inch projection screen and a connection designed to work with most smartphones.

By adding a pico projector into the mix, the LightPad allows users to display the content from their smartphones on the projected screen, or alternatively in a much larger form on nearby walls and screens.

The projector resolution is not great at 854x480, but a future model is in the offing with a resolution of 1280x720 promised, while the 18 lumen brightness is also predicted to be increased to 50 lumens in future models. However, with a five hour battery life, the current model still looks promising and could be particularly useful for people who are on the go regularly with work or holidays.