Sales of pico projectors will soon begin to stabilise, according to new research.

The study shows that pico projectors are still in the "explosive" phase of rising sales, but these will soon begin to drop.

It was noted in the research that embedded pico projectors are yet to have a major impact on the market, with standalone, media player and USB devices selling better at the present time.

"The market, currently, is within the explosive growth time period, and has been witnessing the steep price erosion," the report said. "The market will stabilise over a period of time and when the price of pico projectors drops down."

China, India, UAE and Germany were named by the research as some of the untapped markets for pico projectors, which tend to be lightweight and can even fit in a pocket in some cases.

However, it was noted in the report that pico projectors tend not to be suitable for large rooms because of the low level of brightness the devices offer.

The majority of pico projectors typically display between zero and 50 lumens, with the report forecasting that this might increase up to 300 lumens in the coming years.

Projectors are also increasingly being embedded into other forms of technology, with launches of new tablets and computers both featuring the devices.