A pico projector has been launched that runs on the Android operating system, according to new reports.

The ESPlus Seeser is conveniently small and will easily fit in a user's pocket. It features an SD card slot, so it really can be used on the go without the need for another external device to transport media and data files.

According to Engadget, the device's 1GHz process runs Android Froyo and, although it doesn't include a full touchscreen, it does have touch-sensitive controls that people should find relatively intuitive. It also has a small onboard screen allowing users to see what they have selected from the disk.

When it comes to the actual projection quality, the ESPlus Seeser is a bit different. Unlike normal lamps, it features a laser-based projection which does not need to be focused. This means that sharp images will appear without fiddling about with different controls.

Unfortunately the image quality isn't up to HD standard, but this isn't rare among pico projectors. It does manage a resolution of 800x500 pixels though, and it is capable of generating a screen of up to 100-inches across with a brightness of 25 lumens.