A pico projector with an HDMI input has been made available by MicroVision on its SHOWWX+ model.

The new SHOWWX+HDMI version of the projector allows users to hook the device up to a laptop or tablet. The earlier model had only come with a regular TV output, which was great for iPads and iPhones, but not a lot of use with many other standard devices.

Meanwhile, the projector has retained its compact size, measuring in at 60x118x14mm. It functions with a laser projection system, which removes the need for focusing. This means you can simply point it at a wall and view a display of up to 2.5 metres with an 848x480 resolution.

It clocks up a brightness level of 15 Lumens and its contrast is around 5,000:1. According to Tech Crunch, however, the SHOWWX+ is “problematic” with regards to its image. So while it is one of the smallest and lightest available pico projectors on the market, it is probably not suited to screening movies.

But chances are such a tiny gadget is more likely to be picked up by business people in need of a display option while on the move, so this projector should be sufficient when displaying static images and documents, for example.