Pico market worth £6.5 billion by 2020, report finds
A recent report by Markets and Markets (M&M) has predicted that the global market for pico projector devices will be worth $9.32 billion (£6.5 billion) by the year 2020.

The figure is based on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the pico projector market of around 40 per cent from 2014 to 2020, according to the research.

Pico projectors have risen in popularity as consumer electronics devices such as smartphone and tablets have come to dominate markets around the world. Now more than ever, manufacturers are integrating pico projectors into this consumer electronics boom and making the most of the tiny portable technology.

M&M also point to technological advances in pico projectors, from projectors being integrated into wearable devices to the development of HD pico projection technology and heads-up displays, as another key driver in the market.

Meanwhile, a reduction in the cost of manufacturing pico devices at larger scales has further helped fuel development in this niche sector as the opportunities available for new integrations and products now come with lower associated costs.

A key product highlighted by the research was Sony’s MP-CL1 mobile projector, which was launched in October 2015 and reasonably priced at around $350 (£250). Samsung’s Galaxy Beam 2, RIF6’s Cube and ZTE’s Spro Plus have also been highly praised in the media.

From the research, it seems that pico projectors are here to stay. And with M&M’s encouraging predictions about the size of the market by 2020, manufacturers both large and small are sure to want a slice of the mobile projector action.

For consumers, this means a welcome increase in choice, with more high quality pico projectors and more attractive price points.

(Image: ZTE)