Home cinema enthusiasts hunting for some serious surround sound may be interested in Philips' latest Fidelio HTL9100 sound bar, which comes with two detachable speakers.

The sound bar is powered by batteries that are built-in to its body, so the device is fully wireless and, as a result, looks far more attractive in a living room. The two detachable speakers can be placed behind the viewers to offer a true cinema “surround-on-demand" sound experience, without any of the cable clutter that usually comes with rear speakers.

The sound bar can be used in conjunction with projectors and other devices that are used to screen movies, television shows or for gaming, and the detachable speakers can be charged up by plugging them into the main sound bar unit.

A built-in sensor is able to automatically detect the orientation of the sound bar, ensuring optimal sound quality as it is able to adjust the sound output to suit the location of the main bar and speakers.

The sound bar comes with a Bluetooth audio streaming capability, two HDMI inputs with Audio Return Channel functionality and a wireless subwoofer. The Fidelio HTL9100 sound bar – which has a total power output of 210W – retails for around £655.