Philips reveals a new use for pico projectors
Philips has revealed an innovative use for pico projectors at this year's IFA trade show in Berlin.

The Philips AmbiLux TV showcases just how far pico projectors have come in the past decade. By utilising nine integrated projectors, Philips' latest TV is able to project on-screen images, motion and colour to the rear wall, revolutionising the traditional television model.

The company says that the purpose of the Ambilight projection system is to create an immersive experience, with the lights even matching the dynamics of the music playing on the TV. This means that whether you're listening to Spotify or a music channel, the projected colours will change and pulsate in harmony with the beat.

It's even capable of tapping into Philips' Hue Smart Lighting system, which lets you the control the brightness and colour of Wi-Fi-connected bulbs placed around the room with your smartphone.

Reviewers at AFI - Europe's biggest consumer tech trade show - have reportedly been blown away by the new technology, which is a world first for the television market.

As for the specifications, the Philips AmbiLux TV with model number 65PUS8901 comes with a 4K Ultra HD LCD (3840 x 2160 pixels) display panel that offers 400nit brightness.

Philips has promised that the Ambilux TV will be able to "project images with superior motion, vivid colour and supreme contrast to create an immersive experience that truly breaks the boundaries of TV viewing."

Philips hasn't yet announced a release date or pricing information, but it is thought the Ambilux will be released at the end of this year.

The Ambilux TV has not only wowed tech experts at IFA, it has also highlighted the ever-increasing uses for pico projectors. These pint sized projectors are so small they can be tucked away in a pocket, but thanks to technological advancements they can also be integrated into more and more consumer products, revolutionising how we interact with technology.

(Image: Philips)