The new Philips PicoPix PPX 3610 pocket projector is a brand new addition to the Dutch manufacturer’s projector range, which will allow users to cut out the need for a PC through its versatile control system.

The tiny device – which measures 105 x 105 x 31.5mm and weighs 284g – offers WiFi networking in its diminutive package, as well as 100 lumens of brightness when connected to mains power (55 lumens on batteries), DLP technology and two continuous hours of projection time from its batteries.

The projector runs on the Android 2.3.1 operating system and can be used completely independently. It is able to project files from connected USB drives and can also be hooked up to a mouse and keyboard.

The projector can be connected to the internet via its WiFi connection, allowing users to project content direct from the web. It is also able to support and project office documents and a range of media file formats.

As well as the USB connectivity options, the PPX 3610 also has mini HDMI and SD card support too, with 4GB of internal memory. The projector will be available to British consumers in July this year.