The Philips PicoPix 1430 works well for anyone wanting a small, portable projector for presentations on the go.

Small and light, the miniature projector can run on batteries for two and a half hours and is perfect for people who do lots of travelling for business and need to have a projector handy.

It uses an LED lamp and LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology to display a 132cm diagonal image from just over two metres from the projection surface and provides 800x600 resolution images. With 30 lumens of brightness, the projector achieves its best results with the lights turned down.

The PicoPix 1430 can read video and audio from an SD card for completely stand-alone presentations, with no PC required. This also makes watching movies on the go easier. However, reviewers have complained that fast-moving images sometimes suffer from the rainbow effect, where the viewer's eyes pick up on the flashing red, green and blue in the images.

Another problem highlighted by reviewers is that it is difficult to set up the projector so that the image is perfectly rectangular. Without keystone correction, the device needs to be absolutely level and square-on to the projector screen.