People using TVs instead of projectors are 'missing out'
One of the world's most renowned projector manufacturers, Optoma, has noted that people who rely on televisions for their entertainment experiences – rather than projectors – are missing out.

As Optoma launches its latest portable projector, the GT5000, the company's head of product marketing Justin Halls has said: “People using their TV for gaming, sports and films are missing out.”

Mr Halls added: “The portable 100-inch, super-sized imagery offered by the GT5000 enables everyone to enjoy high resolution, life-size images in any room in their home.”

The device does indeed boast a particularly large display size of 100 inches and functions with an ultra-short throw lens enabling the projector to be just 30 inches way.

The picture is further enhanced with the company's full HD 1080p resolution and a high brightness of 3,000 lumens, allowing it to be comfortably put to use even with the lights on.

Whether it's the big picture, the high picture quality or the fact that the projector works in a room without requiring complete darkness, the GT5000 is proving particularly popular with the gaming community. The low latency rates on the projector are also no doubt contributing to its popularity with gamers.

It provides a nice range of connectivity options including two HDMI inputs to allow users to connect anything from Blu-ray players to a variety of games consoles. The fact that there are two of them as well, means that users can switch back and forth between devices simply with the touch of a button.

And to top it off, an integrated speaker offers great sound from the Optoma GT5000 with no hassle setting things up with external speaker, although of course the option is always there if desired.

We are of course bound to agree that those using televisions rather than projectors are indeed missing out! But with such great prices and quality available from projectors these days, they certainly offer an entertainment experience over and above that on offer from a television.