Cyclist are being sought to power the projector for a sustainable cinema viewing in London this week.

Environmental awareness group, Sustainable Streatham, will be hosting a cycle cinema on Streatham Common on Sunday, 10 October which will run entirely on pedal power.

The projector and other necessary electrical components will gain their energy from a generator that will run on the power generated by a minimum of eight bicycles hooked up to it. The bikes will be ridden by people watching the film - the cycling-themed animation, Belleville Rendezvous.

Anyone is invited to bring their own bike along to help power the projector and watch the film, and may find themselves cycling alongside some local luminaries who have been invited to take part - including London mayoral candidate, Ken Livingstone.

Organiser Scott Ainslie said: “It’s a fun way to teach people about the importance of finding alternative forms of energy and reducing the amount of carbon we produce.”

The cinema will be housed in a tent, with some 100 seats for cyclists who want to take a rest. The event marks the first anniversary of Sustainable Streatham, which has more than 250 members.