Paramount Pictures has struck a deal with two US cinema chains to make movies available for home release just two weeks after they leave cinemas.

If successful, a move towards shorter periods between cinema and home release could be good news for projector owners waiting to watch the latest blockbusters.

Studios traditionally wait 90 days after movie debuts to make the film available elsewhere, but Paramount argues that this long wait no longer reflects consumer behaviour.

However, cinema owners maintain that a shorter wait could discourage people from watching films on the big screen as they know they can watch it at home in a few weeks.

To make the deal more attractive to movie theatres, Paramount has offered two of America's largest cinema chains - Canada's Cineplex Inc. and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc - a portion of revenue from video-on-demand, iTunes downloads and other digital channels.

Speaking to the Wallstreet Journal, Paramount Vice chairman Rob Moore, said: “What other product creates its most attention at launch and then creates a significant period of time where the consumer can’t acquire that product?”

Paramount will use this new model to release two small films this autumn, but the studio reportedly intends to shift all films over to the advanced schedule later in the year.