Panasonic is launching a new auto-adjusting projector billed as the world’s brightest home cinema projector, in the form of the PT-AH1000.

The manufacturer is aiming to roll out the model in the UK in time for people to set up their own big screens to watch the sporting spectacles of Euro 2012 and the London Olympics. The projector offers a maximum light output of an astounding 2,800 ANSI lumens, which allows for its pin-sharp LCD image quality to shine through, even in a room with ambient light.

The brightness of the projector means that viewers will no longer have to shroud themselves in complete darkness in order to take advantage of the projector’s full capabilities. Neither will the users have to fiddle around with the remote control to achieve optimum results, as the projector senses its own information on its environment and adjusts the brightness, gamma, colour temperature and other image settings automatically.

The projector is also perfect for sports fans in that it has a dedicated mode that applies a gamma curve to fast-moving individual players or balls, keeping the blur to an absolute minimum and making sure the movements are kept in sharp focus.

The PT-AH1000 is expected to hit British shops this spring and is likely to cost less than £2,000.