Panasonic’s new addition to its home cinema projector line, the PT-AE7000, has been enthusiastically received by reviewers.

Writing for PC World magazine, Campbell Simpson, said the projector’s specifications – a 2,000-lumen lamp, a 3D-capable 1080p Full HD LCD panel, and a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 – were very impressive and all contributed to the model being an “excellent performer” in its class.

While the design of the model has been described as “simple and utilitarian”, the general reception of the model is that it would not be an unsightly addition to a home cinema set-up.

Tests carried out by the magazine’s team of consumer electronics experts found that the model was able to produce outstanding image quality for non-3Dimages when supplied with a high-quality video source. Simpson said, “It looks as good as any LED or plasma TV we’ve seen.”

The impressive contrast ratio allows for deep blacks, richly toned colours and bright whites, with minimal – if any – adjustment required from its Cinema preset. The AE7000 also provides good image quality for the watching of 3D pictures, which combined with a pair of the manufacturer’s active shutter glasses.

The projector can also operate on an Eco mode which while dimming the pictures very slightly – but still within high-quality levels – allows for virtually all engine noise to be eliminated.