Panasonic's PT-AE4000 projector is making a mark for itself as one of the most prodigiously versatile machines around.

Described as having "the finest tuning available to humanity" by specialist tech reviewers, Cnet UK, the £2,000 model is loaded with features that give it capabilities far beyond any similarly priced rivals.

Its connections include three HDMIs and two 12V trigger outputs, which can be used to fire up a motorised screen and curtain system.

Where the model truly shines is the exhaustive menu options on offer. Colour contrasts can be honed, the gamma curve can be adjusted along nine separate points and further colour management can be done by freezing the picture for pixel-level adjustment of all of the primary colours.

All of these features allow you to fine-tune your images "to within an inch of their lives", then view them on a waveform monitor before saving your exact specifications in one of the sixteen picture-preset memory slots.

A minor disadvantage is a rather shallow native black-level response, which can blur detail in the darker areas of images and leave HD images a little less crisp than desired. But that, however, is where the bad news ends.

In all, the AE4000 offers unprecedented amounts of setup flexibility for its price, including a really innovative system for accommodating different aspect ratios. Only the native black-level response issue holds it back from being a silver-screen superstar.