Panasonic has released the successor to its PT-AE2000 home cinema projector with a host of new stand-out features.

The PT-AE3000 looks similar to its predecessor but underneath the black casing some big changes have taken place.

The new model boasts motion blur-reducing frame interpolation technology, which essentially inserts extra movie frames in an effort to minimise the distracting judder that can sometimes happen during panning scenes.

Contrast ratio has been bumped up to an impressive 60,000:1, with real improvements made to the projector’s ability to produce deep black levels, vivid detail and a better colour range.

There is also an anamorphic lens emulation feature that helps get rid of grey/black bars above and below the image while watching 2.35:1 Cinemascope movies, making the viewing experience more enjoyable.

The 3000 model has three HDMI 1.3 inputs on the rear panel, along with composite, S-Video and Component video inputs for added flexibility, plus a computer and a RS232 input.

It also comes equipped with a 2:1 zoom lens and vertical/horizontal lens shift for easy placement so that users can mount the projector off-centre in a room.

Reviewers have commented on the vibrant detail and colour offered by the 3000, which is able to display very natural skin tones, providing realistic but nevertheless cinematic viewing.