Panasonic's latest laser projector is built to last
Panasonic has unveiled the brand new PT-RZ570U 1-Chip DLP Laser Phosphor projector. The model, the latest in the SOLID SHINE lineup, is compact in design and is primarily aimed at the midrange market for education.

The PT-RZ57OU offers 5,000 lumens of brightness and up to 20,000-hours of maintenance-free operation, as well as a host of practical features for use in mid-size classrooms containing up to around 50 students.

Using DLP technology, Panasonic’s latest projector features detailed WUXGA resolution and new-generation solid-state laser diodes. The new unit is said to provide outstanding performance due to its four-segment Quartet Color Harmonizer colour wheel, which has been billed as enhancing efficiency from the laser light source, boosting brightness and improving overall colour accuracy.

John Baisley, the Senior Vice President, Visual & Imaging Business Operations at Panasonic in North America, said: “In particular, we hear from our education customers that they are looking forward to laser technology with low maintenance operation — to reduce stress on their increasingly overburdened technology support staff. The PT-RZ570U projector delivers that exactly.”

With this new projector, Panasonic is hoping to target educational institutions that may well run on tight budgets and has, therefore, made reliability and low cost a primary focus for the series.