Panasonic unveils lamp-free projector

Technology giant Panasonic has unveiled its latest innovation in projector technology in the form of a new lamp-free projector.

The projectors were showcased at the GITEX 2013 conference in Dubai as a combination projector, using LED and laser diodes as the source of light and removing the need for a lamp or bulb.

The combination light source has a longer lifespan than traditional light source, lasting around 5 times longer than bulb-based projectors and capable of lasting for two years without the need for a filter change.

There are four projectors in the series including the PT-RW330, PT-RZ370, PT-RW430 and the PT-RZ470. All of the units feature digital link connectivity and a higher level of colour purity than traditional lamps.

Each projector also features Panasonic's Digital Link, which provides a simplified AV infrastructure with high-definition video, audio and control signals, all carried through a single CAT5E Ethernet cable.

The WXGA PT-RW330 and full-HD PT-RZ370 units are both equipped with 3,500 lumens of brightness and are designed for simple installation and everyday use. The PT-RW430 and the PT-RZ47 models have a higher contrast ratio of 20,000:1 and come complete with edge-blending, portrait mode and 3D function for larger projection and professional use.

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