Panasonic showcases benefits of AV technology at virtual museum
Panasonic has created a virtual museum aimed at showcasing its projector technology for the heritage and museum industries.

The museum is primarily aimed at showing how AV technology can be used to create interactive and engaging modern exhibitions and is divided into four main sections.

The first section is called ‘Experiential projection’ and is aimed at combining laser projection with edge blending. It also uses ultra-short throw lenses to showcase how stunning projections with high brightness and high resolution can easily be created within the museum environment.

The second section is dedicated to showing off how using surfaces and displays can be employed effectively in a museum setting. Particular emphasis is placed on optimising and enhancing public visits and interactive experiences.

The third and fourth areas contain the 4K zone and control room zone. The 4K zone allows Panasonic to showcase how sharp and vivid the images are at such high resolutions. The control room zone looks at how visual technologies can help visitors avoid long queues and find the very best exhibits using interactive maps.

Panasonic UK group manager for visual systems Gareth Day said of the virtual museum: “It’s one thing creating great products, but if you want to achieve disruptive change to, for instance, drive forward the adoption of laser projection technology, we need to arm the industry with the right materials, to ensure they can confidently embrace the shift to laser after decades of lamps and filters.

“Our range of products is ideal for the museum and heritage sector, and we already work with a number of leading venues to create immersive and engaging experiences which are capable of entertaining visitors of all ages.”

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